Bread Pudding (Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Powder)

bread pudding green tea

Bread Pudding (Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Powder) I’ve got a beautiful dessert to share with you today. Sexy, decadent but still on the healthy side, this bread pudding with dark chocolate and green tea powder is the perfect end to a romantic dinner date or a single girl’s movie and wine night! I am from Montreal;… 

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Edamame Bean Soup (Vegan Recipe)

edamame bean soup potage

Edamame Bean Soup Mmmm healthy bean soup! Healthy and filling is what I need for the next couple of weeks since I indulged a little too much on fries and takeout lately. With a schedule packed to the gills, the thought of slicing, boiling and frying seemed more like a chore than the usual therapeutic feeling I… 

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Bean Sprouts with Cheese and Sri Racha


Bean Sprouts with Cheese and Sri Racha Give me lots of flavor with my bean sprouts! I am not someone who enjoys a handful of raw bean sprouts dropped into my ramen bowl or salad. No thank you. If you follow my blog you know that I live for strong and punchy flavors so if you… 

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The Ramen Experience (Ichiran)


The Ultimate Ramen Experience. Eating ramen in Japan is a religious experience. Whenever I come for a visit it’s almost guaranteed that ramen will be the first dish I eat. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it’s also very easy to find! Walk down any street in Japan and you are bound to find yourself staring at… 

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Hayashi Ground Beef Curry


Hayashi Ground Beef (Dry) I love taking trips to Japan because I always come back feeling so inspired in the kitchen! Walking past restaurant windows displaying plastic food replicas of their menu is genius because it will eventually make you hungry! I love soba noodles so much that whenever I see fake soba bowls I… 

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Healthy Snack: Soy and Sesame Edamame


Healthy Snack: Soy and Sesame Edamame Bring me edamame any time, anywhere and I will eat the entire bowl by myself! Tender but still yielding a slight crunch, I adore the texture and taste of edamame peas in their salty pods. Yum yum yummy! The fact that it also makes a very healthy snack is… 

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