Fall Vegetables with Goat Cheese

fall vegetables with goat cheese

Fall Vegetables with Goat Cheese Recipe Fall vegetables with goat cheese is a recipe I found in Mario Batalli’s Babbo cookbook. I am a fan of Batalli’s food and have eaten at most of his restaurants, including the famous Babbo near Washington Square Park. The food is as delicious as all the food critics say… 

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Portobello Mushrooms with Sauteed Spinach and Egg


Portobello Mushrooms with Sauteed Spinach & Egg Using big portobello mushrooms is an easy and tasty way to substitute meat in a dish. I do this whenever I feel like I have met my meat quota for the week but still crave something hearty and filling. I love this portobello mushrooms with sauteed spinach and egg… 

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Halloween Top Ramen Recipe


Halloween Top Ramen I couldn’t resist. I had to do it. I love Halloween and I love Top Ramen noodles so it seemed befitting that these two should meet in a colorful bowl of savory and brothy goodness. I thought it would be fun to create something quick and easy that both kids and adults could enjoy eating. Who… 

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Crab Salad with Cucumber and Grapefruit


Crab Salad with Cucumber and Grapefruit Lately I have noticed that I cook better food when I’m left with no options in the fridge! Strange isn’t it? Maybe it’s because I have to think twice as hard to come up with tasty flavor combinations and then hope they will go well together – just like… 

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Bread Pudding (Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Powder)


Bread Pudding (Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Powder) I’ve got a beautiful dessert to share with you today. Sexy, decadent but still on the healthy side, this bread pudding with dark chocolate and green tea powder is the perfect end to a romantic dinner date or a single girl’s movie and wine night! I am from Montreal;… 

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Edamame Bean Soup (Vegan Recipe)

edamame bean soup potage

Edamame Bean Soup Mmmm healthy bean soup! Healthy and filling is what I need for the next couple of weeks since I indulged a little too much on fries and takeout lately. With a schedule packed to the gills, the thought of slicing, boiling and frying seemed more like a chore than the usual therapeutic feeling I… 

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