Black bean burger patties


Black bean burger patties recipe Let me start this post by saying this wasn’t supposed to be a black bean burger patty recipe. My original idea was to create an actual bean burger topped with plenty of vegetables and dressed with a dollop of spicy mayo. But I quickly had to let go of that… 

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Flaxseed banana smoothie (with coffee)


  Flaxseed banana smoothie recipe Written by: Ben Phelps It’s dark outside when my phone goes off and I make the rookie mistake of picking it up. Oops. Before I realize what I’ve done, I may have just agreed to cover a 6am shift for a sick colleague. After I hang up, the horror sets… 

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Spicy pork ramen noodles (ja ja men)


  Spicy pork ramen noodles (ja ja men) recipe Ben and I are about to go on a month long vacation to Japan and boy are we excited! It’s been a few years since our last visit and we plan on making up for it big time by stuffing our faces silly! We will also… 

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Brussels sprouts salad with kale and asparagus


Brussels sprouts salad with kale and asparagus recipe After months of brutally cold weather, the warmth of the sun is finally back to kiss my cheeks and lift up my spirits. This also signifies a year since we have moved to Brooklyn and I cannot tell you enough how much I am in love with… 

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Chicken chili recipe


  Chicken chili recipe You know what I like about chili? How despite the fact that it’s hearty and filling, it’s also very healthy. Look at all the ingredients I’m using for this chicken chili; beans, spices, peppers, celery, cilantro, garlic and lean chicken! This dish can easily fool anyone who claims not to like… 

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How to boil eggs


Written by: Ben Phelps   How to boil eggs Hard or soft boiling an egg to perfection can seem like a bit of an enigma. Google how to boil eggs and you’ll be served up with tons of seemingly contradictory results and variations on cooking times. The silky taste and texture of a perfectly cooked… 

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