Pickled Plum | Easy Asian Recipes


There is nothing boring about these tofu recipes!

Packed with flavor, these tofu (豆富) dishes make wonderful substitutes to meat based dishes. They are lighter and take less time to cook.

Beancurd gets a bad reputation for being bland but if you know how to cook soybean, you can make dishes that are so delicious, everyone at the table will forget they are eating tofu! I’ve been cooking with tofu regularly for over a decade and the more I use it, the more creative I get with it!

You can do the same once you familiarize yourself with the different types of tofu available. For example, soft (silken) tofu is good for dishes such as soups and stews, while medium and firm go nicely with salads, stir fries, and sandwiches.

My tofu recipes have international flavors. I create my own dishes and also share popular and traditional tofu recipes such as mapo tofu, agedashi tofu, doeng jjigae, sweet and sour tofu, and hiyayakko.

Some tofu recipes that have a more western flair include tofu with London broil marinade, tofu scramble, creamy vegan carbonara, Southwestern style tofu, and tofu “fish” cakes.

Find out what’s the best way to cook tofu, how to serve tofu, and what to serve tofu with. Once you get the hang of it, you will be cooking with a beancurd block on a regular basis. It will become easy to substitute tofu for meat easily and this way, you can introduce your family to a new way of eating!