Korean Cucumber Salad

So easy! This spicy and smoky Korean Cucumber Salad Recipe is ready in 10 minutes and has a refreshing crunch! Serve as a side (banchan) at your next Korean BBQ feast or backyard cookout.

What is Banchan?

Banchan are the myriad small dishes that are set in the middle of the table during a Korean meal. They are meant to be shared amongst all the diners during the course of the meal – and, most times, if one is finished before the end of the meal, it is refilled. You may know banchan as the Korean BBQ sides served at your favorite K-Town barbecue joint.

Key Ingredients:

Kirby Cucumbers Scallion White Distilled Vinegar Soy Sauce Garlic


Slice two kirby cucumbers crosswise  about ⅛ inch thick. Mix white distilled vinegar with soy sauce and  garlic. Just pour the sauce over your scallions and cucumber slices. Toss in chilli pepper flakes and sesame seeds and serve.





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