Japanese curry is quite different from any other curry you’ll find in Asia – it’s not spicy but rather sweet, savory, and sometimes a little spicy.

Typically, curry rice consists of onions, carrots, potatoes and beef. That’s the classic combination and the most popular one used across Japan.

The sweet and savory flavors married in a rich brown curry sauce make it so that every bite is exciting to eat.


Prep Time: 15 Min

Stewing beef Onion  Garlic Ginger  Apple  All-purpose flour Carrots  Potato  Garam masala Curry powder Tomato paste Red wine Sugar Soy sauce

Cook Time: 60 Min


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Or you can make it with a Japanese curry roux

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Either way, the recipe is easy to follow


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If you enjoy wiping sweat off your face while eating curry, I suggest using ichimi togarashi, which are ground red chili peppers, or Sichuan chili flakes. Both will give you that eye watering punch of heat you are looking for.

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