Spicy Miso Tsukemen (Dipping Noodles)

Eating tsukemen always reminds me of that delicious and restorative late morning lunch a couple of years ago, just outside the Asagaya train station in Tokyo! The springy noodles and strong broth are a filling reminder that we have arrived in a land where it is almost impossible to find a bad meal – and is a harbinger of great eating to come!

What is Tsukemen?

Tsukemen are Japanese dipping noodles. Although usually served with ramen noodles, the main difference from the traditional ramen preparation is that, with tsukemen, the broth and noodles are served in separate bowls. To eat, just grab some noodles with your chopsticks, dip in the broth and slurp away!

Key Ingredients:

Choice of Noodle Miso Paste Soy Sauce Chili Oil Chicken Broth


In a pot, cook garlic, ginger, and shallots. Add miso paste and soy sauce and mix until soft. Add water, sugar, and broth and boil. Turn off heat and let sit in refrigerator. Cook noodles.   Separate broth and noodles into four bowls, serve and enjoy!





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