Pad Woon Sen (Thai Glass Noodle Stir Fry)

Pad woon sen (ผัดวุ้นเส้น) is a Thai noodle stir fry made of glass noodles, vegetables, protein and eggs. The flavor profile is both savory and mildly sweet and has a great juxtaposition of both crunchy and chewy textures. While pad woon sen isn’t as well known in the West, it is ubiquitous in Thailand and has many variations.

What are Glass Noodles?

Glass noodles are thin noodles that run the gamut from looking almost clear to slightly opaque and white. These gluten free noodles are sometimes called cellophane noodles, glass noodles and bean thread noodles.

Key Ingredients:

Glass Noodles Woon Sen Sauce Vegetable Oil Eggs Veggies


Prepare the glass noodles. Drain and set aside. Make your stir fry sauce and set aside. Scramble the eggs. Add the vegetables. Add glass noodles and stir fry sauce and stir fry well. Transfer noodles to a plate and top with scallions. Serve immediately.




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