Tamago Kake Gohan  (卵かけご飯)

This Japanese breakfast staple is one of the most simple two-ingredient ‘recipes’ out there – however is one of those iconic things that truly is greater than the sum of its parts. And the overall flavor (and texture) can be augmented by the toppings you chose to add.

What is Tamago Kake Gohan?

Tamago kake gohan is a combination of Japanese rice with a raw egg. It’s made by simply cracking an egg over a steaming bowl of rice and then beating the rice with chopsticks so the mixture takes on a slick, almost foamy consistency. The egg slightly thickens as it is beaten, due to the heat from the rice.

Key Ingredients:

Japanese Rice Pasteurized Eggs Various Toppings


Put hot Japanese Rice in a bowl and make a dent in the middle.  Break the egg and pour it into the dented space in the rice. Add any toppings at this point. Mix well until almost frothy and eat immediately.




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