Spicy Miso Ramen

My mother is from Fukuoka, in the south of Japan. Therefore, when I was a kid, every time we went for a visit over our summer holiday, we’d indulge in the regional specialty: tonkotsu ramen. On those trips, we actually ate ramen like we were making up for lost time! I’ll always love that lusciously thick bone broth. But when it comes to cooking at home, I prefer to keep it on the lighter side of things – without sacrificing flavor. Enter spicy miso ramen.

What is Miso Paste

It’s a fermented soybean paste with a ton of earthy, umami tasting notes. Miso paste is the secret weapon in the miso tare I use in my homemade miso ramen recipe.

Key Ingredients:

Stock Ramen Noodles Miso Gochugaru


Make the flavored oil by placing sesame oil, scallions, garlic, ground black pepper and salt. Cook the ramen broth. Cook your desired noodles (I used ramen noodles). Assemble the noodles, broth and vegetables. and enjoy!





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