Vegetable Bao Buns

Moist, fluffy, and stuffed with a mixture of napa cabbage, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms, these vegetable bao buns are restaurant quality! Served as a breakfast food in China, bao buns also make a delicious snack and can be paired with a soup for a light and tasty meal.

What Are Bao Buns?

Bao buns, or baozi (包子), are Chinese buns stuffed with a vegetarian or meat filling. They are a variation of mantou which is a type of steamed bread that hails from Northern China. There are two popular types of bao buns: Dàbāo, which are large buns, and Xiǎobāo, or small buns,

Key Ingredients:

Vegetable Filling Flour Active Dry Yeast Sugar


Cook the bao filling. Make the bao bun dough. Wrap the cooked filling inside the dough. Steam the bao buns and serve!





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