Duck Sauce

Since I was a little girl eating out at the Chinese buffet in my hometown, duck sauce has been a mainstay anytime I indulged in an egg roll. On the other hand, Ben figures he’s binned thousands of plastic packets from Chinese takeout orders over the years, citing the orange sauce as far too sweet and one-note.

What is Duck Sauce?

Duck sauce is a reddish, orange, sweet sauce that is served alongside fried foods at many Cantonese restaurants in North America. It is so ingrained in the North-American Chinese restaurant experience that most people expect to see a small bowl of the thick, neon sauce accompanying a plate of egg rolls, fried wonton strips or fried noodles at the restaurant.


Apricot Preserves Chili Garlic Sauce Apple Cider Vinegar Soy Sauce


Mix all the sauce ingredients in a small pot over low heat. Then stir constantly until the apricot preserves dissolve and mix evenly with the other liquid ingredients. Next, turn the heat off and run the entire mixture through a strainer or sieve.




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