6 Healthy Recipes to Beat the Bug This Winter

There is nothing worse than those winter sniffles turning rabid and sidelining you for a week with fever, chills and sinuses full of… well, you know. It’s miserable. If you’re feeling it this year, you’re not alone. A ton of people are more than just a little under the weather right now. All is not lost though. The things you eat can totally help you feel better if you’re already down for the count. Everyone knows to drink hot tea and eat Mom’s chicken soup. But the food kingdom is full of less obvious immunity-boosting options. Here are 6 recipes to help with the misery of cold and flu season – and get you back on your feet fast. Feel better!

1. Ginger & Cilantro Congee (Okayu)


A bowl of rice porridge fortified by chicken broth is the chicken noodle soup of Asia for sickies. But the real benefit comes from ginger which contains sesquiterpenes that target the cold virus, reduce fever and suppress coughing. And the combination of garlic and onions contain a ton of broad-spectrum immunity-boosting and antiseptic compounds.

Total Cooking Time: 55 Minutes

2. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers


Yes – Quinoa is a superfood, packed with the protein your body needs for a quick recovery from a workout or an illness; and is loaded with antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that cause sickness and disease. But did you know that a bell pepper has more vitamin C than an orange? Trust me, this recipe tastes way better than a cold glass of PJ (pepper juice).

Total Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

3. Daikon Chicken Soup


Loaded with chicken broth and ginger, this soup can do you some good! Add daikon radish for an extra boost of vitamins B and C. Radish also contains anti-inflammatory properties and can cause a mild sedative effect, so you can comfortably pass out during your fever induced Frasier marathon on Netflix.

Total Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

4. Spicy Apple Orange Salad

apple orange salad

Citrus fruits have vitamin C in spades – which we all know can reduce cold symptoms quickly. But my favorite part of this clean fruit salad is the inclusion of Thai chili. After ingestion of those spicy capsaicin-containing devils, you may find that your cough is more productive and your airways a little clearer. And, hey – an apple a day…

Total Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

5. AM Glow Smoothie


This is a no-brainer. Blueberries and powdered vitamin C are full of powerful antioxidants. Almond milk won’t add to the phlegm problem of a respiratory infection like dairy can. And cocoa nibs are another superfood, great for you whether you have the sniffles or are just trying to stay well. Of course it doesn’t hurt that this smoothie tastes great too.

Total Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

6. Baked Mushrooms

baked mushrooms

This may not seem like an obvious flu buster at first glance. However eating mushrooms boosts your body’s production of cytokines, cells that fight infections. Boosting your immunity with polysaccharides so your body can recover faster doesn’t have to be without a touch of umami!

Total Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

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