Curry Udon (カレーうどん)

Udon and curry rice are at the top of my list when it comes to favorite Japanese dishes. I grew up eating chilled udon noodles dipped in tsuyu on a weekly basis whenever I spent the summer in Kyushu. So whenever I make curry udon I feel a little pinch of nostalgia because so many great memories are attached to these two particular foods.

What is Curry Udon?

Curry udon is a popular Japanese dish made of udon noodles served in a curry flavored soup. Some curry udons are made with a combination of leftover Japanese curry and tsuyu.

Key Ingredients:

Udon Noodles Curry Powder Dashi Mirin


Noodles should be cooked according to package instructions and divided between two bowls. Make the curry soup by frying the chopped onion in sesame oil for a few minutes. Add the curry powder, water and cornstarch mix, mirin, soy sauce, and dashi powder. Keep stirring until the soup begins to bubble and thicken. Turn the heat off and and ladle the curry soup into each bowl.  Top with baby spinach and scallions and enjoy!





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