How To Look Younger: 5 Age Defying Items For Your Purse

Imagine this: You are out on a date or having drinks with friends when suddenly you see a reflection of yourself and EEK! Dry skin and frizzes are staring back at you. You looked pretty good when you left home this morning but that was quite some time ago and now you are in need of a quick beauty fix. What’s a girl to do when faced with the harsh reality that more maintenance is needed now that she’s older? Here are the top 5 must have items I carry in my bag at all times (and love to bits!) – Easy fixes on how to look younger, nothing complicated!
Tip: If cold weather is severely drying your skin, see ‘skin softeners‘.

jergens1. Jergen’s natural glow moisturizer

Your hands are the biggest tell-tale signs of your age, especially if they look dry.
I’ve been using a moisturizer with added glow for a few years now to give my hands that ‘revived’ look. I picked up this trick after a makeup artist used it all over my body for a lingerie shoot (mixed with Olay Quench). I couldn’t believe how shiny and healthy my skin looked! I’ll even mix a little tinted moisturizer at times (Laura Mercier) whenever I have a casting specifying ‘beautiful hands’.

heels2. Heels (pumps)

Believe it or not, changing into a pair of heels before hitting happy hour as opposed to showing up with your work flats will take years off your looks. Heels tighten up leg muscles and make you look taller and leaner. They also add sexiness and can class up a casual look instantly.
Pictured: A simple yet extremely comfortable pair of black Ralph Lauren pumps (Zamora) I carry everywhere.

dior lip3. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ

All hail Dior’s limp plumper! Lips feel smooth and velvety soft. The tingling sensation plumps the lips enough to look fuller and remove any lines. A must if you ask me.

blush4. Bright Pink Blush.

By the end of a workday, chances are you cheeks have lost their color and need a little help getting their rosy tint back. A quick sweep of bright pink blush (I use Laura Mercier’s illuminating quad in pink rose) will automatically give you a fresh faced look and perk up dull looking skin. Don’t be afraid to go bright – this is a MUST for women over the age of 40.

brillantine5. Bumble and Bumble Brillantine.

A wee bit goes a long way! After washing my hair I’ll mix a little Brillantine with Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender (probably the best hair product I’ve ever purchased) and then proceed to dry my hair. I also carry Brillantine in my bag to tame frizzes and give my hair a nice shine (less than a dime size in the palm of my hand, and distribute evenly). Frizzy hair is one ugly culprit that adds years to a person’s looks so it’s worth taking the time to fight it!
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