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Anti Aging Supplements (3 Powerful)

With so many anti aging products out there claiming to reverse the clock, it’s getting harder to know which ones actually work and are worth implementing in your daily life. Sure, creams will help your skin get that extra glow and even a temporary lift but nutrients found in foods and vitamins are the best and most successful way to get started on the war against anti aging.

A regimen of good skin care (skin softener: a girl’s best friend), regular yoga sessions (5 anti aging yoga poses) and a diet nutritious in antioxidants and vitamins (anti aging foods good for your skin and soul) has changed the way I see getting older. Now that I’m about to turn 40, I’m ready to embrace it unafraid to look straight into the mirror at what the future has in store for me.

Below are three essential anti aging supplements I recommend (and take daily) that can help improve some of the most common problem areas associated with aging.

Anti Aging Supplements 

1. Feeling a little wrinkled? control it with some GTF (chromium).

anti aging supplementsShort for Glucose Tolerance Factor which is naturally found in the body, its purpose is to help sugar flow into your bloodstream, making insulin more efficient. When sugar melds with blood vessels, it breaks them down and causes tissue damage, a big cause for aging skin. GTF aids in controlling blood sugar levels which in turn helps minimize wrinkles.

Look for GTF Chromium Food Complex supplements


2. Thin, weak hair? Say hello to black currant GLA.

BCurrantGamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is a form of omega-6 found in black currant and other plant based oils (such as evening primrose oil) necessary for our health, but here’s the catch; our bodies cannot produce them so we need to get them through food. This supplement helps stimulate hair growth and prevents breakage by keeping the moisture in your hair.

Look for black currant GLA in softgels (oil)

 3. Forgetful? Try Acetyl-L-carnitine.


Picture: discovery health

Carnitine turns fat into energy which boosts alertness and focus. Researches have shown carnitine to help memory and also elevate moods by aiding your brain in producing acetylcholine, a chemical essential for leveling moods.

Look for Acetyl-L carnitine in tablets or capsules



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