elvio tintero grangia favorita italy

This grangia favorita is made with 4 different grapes and tastes extremely bright and refreshing.

Producer: Elvio Tintero
Grapes: Favorita, Moscato, Chardonnay, Arneis
Region & Country: Piedmont, Italy
I usually don’t write about wines even though I absolutely adore them, but I felt the need to share this $12 bottle of Grangia Favorita for its exceptionally refreshing and clean flavors. This wine is a mix of 4 different grapes with lemon, peach and floral notes. It’s medium bodied, dry with fruity tones, and is a little fizzy. What I love so much about this wine is that it has absolutely no cloying, overly ripe taste to it. It’s light, bright with a very clean finish. 
I first tasted this wine at Tallulah on Thames in Newport, RI and instantly fell in love with it. Since then I’ve been buying it a 67wine in NYC and often pair it with cheeses and seafood. 
If you like prosecco and pinot grigio, you’ll love this wine!
Serve it with a spicy Vindaloo curry,  along with mushroom spring rolls, or with a yummy vegetable lasagna.

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