Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps - Buffalo Wing Flavor  

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps – Buffalo Wing Flavor 

A little history on me: I’m way too in to chips for my own good. Always have been. And I have no allegiance: Doritos, Wavy Lay’s, Funyuns, even Sun Chips… Boom. I’m a marketer’s dream when I’m in the chip aisle, completely mesmerized by the colorful bags of crunchy stuff that ain’t so good for you. And that’s OK once in a while. Having a zero tolerance policy on eating things that you love, but will never be on the shelves at your organic market is BS mon frere. Live a little and enjoy. 

ben chips

I didn’t really set out to find an alternative to chips. I think it just happened when Caroline said, “Those are  good,” pointing to a bag of Buffalo wings flavored pretzel crisps one day during a trip to the store. “I tried them last spring in Santa Monica.” I was kinda, “Yeah… Let’s try them, or whatever,” and we picked up a bag. But – oh, where they good. Dayum. Those flattened pretzel crisps had the dusty, flavorful crunch of a good chip, loaded with salt and spice dispatched onto a thousand tiny, tasty fragments by the noble, crushing work of the teeth. The sharp and smoky Buffalo seasoning lingers, however isn’t overly spicy or just hot for the sake of hot. There is a balance of flavors that, like a good chip, concentrates it’s magic tasty residue on your fingers that you get to lick off.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps - Buffalo Wing Flavor

The fact that they aren’t half bad for you is a bonus (and a thing I generally exploit when loading up a bunch of heart stopping, funky Valdeon or blue cheese on top to make the snacking experience more like a trip to the pub for wings). Full disclosure: I eat these things with damn near anything… Ham, olives, Kraft Singles, alongside a bowl of carrots, dipped in congee or hot sauce, with an almond, whatevs… The list goes on ad nauseum.


Dipping pretzel crisps in Caroline’s potato salad

Sometimes I’ll make up an excuse to run a late night errand just so I can get more pretzel crisps. Like a junkie buying toothpaste and toilet paper, even though he only really needs the tin foil, I’ll pick up a few things we don’t urgently need so to seem a little more normal and less obsessed than I really am. When I return with garbage bags, ice cream sandwiches and paper towels, my trip to the store for my salty pretzel crisps fix doesn’t seem quite as desperate.



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