Dessert Pocky Sticks

What do you do when Glico USA mails you a box filled with Pocky sticks? You eat them straight out of the box – yes, that’s pretty obvious, but you also have fun with them! Ben and I have been working on a couple of video projects with Pocky to show viewers how to use Pocky sticks in fun and creative ways. It’s not just a chocolate covered stick, Pocky can be a blank canvas for so much more!


Since we already have a video demonstrating how to decorate Pocky sticks, this time we show you how to use them as decorations for cupcakes for a major wow effect. We also used donut holes (Munchkins) as heads, to create these impossibly adorable Pocky cats!

Click on the video below for a quick tutorial or scroll down to read the steps.


How to make Pocky Cats 

  • Pick up some donut holes and make a hole in the bottom of the donut with a chopstick.
  • Insert a Pocky stick.
  • Stick shaved almonds in the top for ears.
  • Take a small bit of marzipan, mold into a small circle and affix it to the donut for the muzzle.
  • Grab a chopstick or toothpick and draw the mouth using melted chocolate. You can either draw the eyes with the same melted chocolate or use sprinkles.
  • Decorate the Pocky sticks with your favorite cake decorations and let them dry in the fridge for a few minutes before serving. This process ensures the sprinkles will firmly stick to the cats.

How to make strawberry cupcakes with strawberry Pocky straws

  • Use vanilla or strawberry flavored cupcakes and ice them with vanilla frosting.
  • Slice a strawberry starting at the tip and move down into the berry stopping just before reaching the cap. Don’t slice through the strawberry!
  • Repeat the same step until you have four or five petals and fan them out using your fingers.
  • Gently place the strawberry on top of the cupcake.
  • Grab one strawberry flavored Pocky stick and break it in half.
  • Push the sticks into the cupcake, one on each side of the strawberry. Serve.

How to make flashy deco Pocky cupcakes

  • Instead of fresh fruit, cover your cupcakes with plenty of sprinkles.
  • Grab two deco Pocky sticks (watch how to make deco Pocky sticks) and stick them in like rabbit ears.
  • Put the cupcakes in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to cool and dry the frosting. This process ensures the sprinkles will firmly stick to the cupcakes.

As you can see, Pocky is not just a snack. What you do with it is limited only by your imagination. So have fun!


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