Beyond Beef Hambagu

This is a plant based version of the classic Japanese hamburger steak – and it tastes just like the real thing! Made with Beyond Beef Ground Beef, the patties are moist and tender and the gravy (also vegan!) is a perfect mix of umami and sweetness. Your kids will love this recipe!

What is Hambagu?

Hambagu is the Japanese equivalent of a hamburger steak, or Salisbury steak. It’s a family friendly dish that’s served in households, conbini (convenience stores), and family restaurants all across Japan. It’s considered a comfort food in Japan, a meal that’s easy and quick to make for busy moms and dads.

Key Ingredients:

Beyond Beef Ground Onion Gravy Oat Milk Soy Sauce


Add all ingredients for patties to a bowl except flour and oil. Shape into a ball and cut into 4 equal pieces. Form each section into a patty.  Heat oil in skillet. Cook patties. Make gravy. Strain to remove any chunks. Pour gravy over the hambagu and serve.





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