My skin loves moisture. It embraces rainy days, the high humidity of New York summers and my weekly visit to the steam room after a good workout.

If I could live on a beach somewhere in Southeast Asia, my skin would forever glow with happiness. However, I live in Brooklyn, where the winters are long and cold and the sun sets at 4:30 p.m. For someone who suffers from psoriasis, it can be a challenge to maintain clear skin when covering it with layers upon layers of clothing — drying it up and making it itchy. There is nothing more frustrating and, quite frankly, scary than finding a couple of new dry, red patches on my legs. I end up wondering if these patches may be a precursor to something much bigger — like one of those epic breakouts that cover 90 percent of the body within 48 hours and take months to cure… my worst nightmare since I’ve lived through it once before.

Never again I told myself, never again!

So, when the northern winds blow into the city and dump a blanket of snow, I come armed and ready for the battle. Here are five weapons I use to combat dry, scaly and patchy skin to keep my psoriasis under control.





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