Ben Phelps of Pickled Plum

In 2014, I went all in on food. I quit my job at a high end hotel in New York City to work full time for Pickled Plum.

But I was already fairly gaga for food way back when I first met Caroline. My job as a hotel concierge allowed me to eat in some of the city’s best restaurants (most times for free). Bonus: I got to bring a guest. When Caroline moved from Toronto to New York, it was on! We made it our mission to try as many restaurants as possible. And we did pretty well for ourselves, eating out 3 or 4 times a week, tasting dishes from all around the world. As my waist size grew, so did my palate.

Aside from Caroline’s insanely delicious cooking, my favorite cuisines are Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. I decided to join Pickled Plum full time after helping Caroline with a few projects she had going with well known brands. She didn’t have time to shoot video and asked if I could help out. I jumped on the opportunity and never looked back!

I love spending hours nerding out on video footage of food being cooked, scouring all those frames for that perfect moment. Editing video is my favorite part of the job since I really enjoy putting the pieces together – like a puzzle – to create a story. Writing is another passion, so I help out by editing some of Caroline’s posts you read on this blog.

When I am not working on Pickled Plum content, I keep busy with voice over work. I have been a been a professional voice actor for almost two decades, working with brands like Mountain Dew Kickstart, Toyota, Verizon, HBO and Hasbro.

During time off, I’m either that oblivious guy with the headphones walking aimlessly, nodding his head to music in the California sunshine – or I’m huddled in front of a laptop watching Formula 1 as if I was running strategy for McLaren or something. I also play the drums, and have never met an animal I didn’t like at least a little bit.

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