Air Fryer Baked Potato

Lightly brushed with soy sauce to infuse the skin with umami, these air fryer baked potatoes are perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.



Topping for kimchi baked potato:

Toppings for Mexican style baked potato:


  1. Rinse and clean the potatoes well with a vegetable scrub brush.
  2. Set the air fryer to 400ºF. I let it warm up for about 5 minutes before using it.
  3. Spray the bottom of the air fryer basket with a little cooking spray and place the potatoes. Spray the potatoes on both sides (alternatively you can brush them with oil if you don’t have cooking spray) and rub the spray evenly across both potatoes to ensure that all sides are coated. Sprinkle a little kosher salt and add them to the basket.
  4. Cook for 20 minutes and flip them over using tongs or a fork.
  5. Cook for an additional 15 minutes and take them out of the air fryer. Brush soy sauce uniformly on both potatoes and cook for an additional 5 minutes.
  6. If your potatoes are still hard after 35 minutes, cook for an additional 10 minutes, before brushing with the soy sauce, so the sauce doesn’t burn.
  7. Slice in half and top with the toppings of your choice.


You can use 3-4 potatoes for this recipe as long as they easily fit in the air fryer. Make sure not to overcrowd it, there should be enough space to easily rotate the potatoes with tongs.

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