Beef Miso Curry Recipe




  1. In a large pot over medium high heat, add oil and beef cubes. Season with salt (about 1/2 tsp) and stir. Cook for 3 minutes, until beef is cooked through.
  2. Add garlic and onions and cooked for 3 minutes, until onions are soft.
  3. Add curry powder and sugar and stir well.
  4. Add flour and stir well.
  5. Add red wine and stir until sauce thickens.
  6. Add all the vegetables and stir.
  7. Add chicken stock while stirring and bring to boil.
  8. Lower heat to a simmer and add miso paste. Stir until the paste has dissolved. Simmer uncovered for 50 minutes.
  9. Serve with white rice.
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