Tuna And Sesame Omusubi (Rice Balls)

One of my favorite snacks of all time is omusubi, aka onigiri, nigirimeshi or rice balls. I can’t get enough of these tasty rice balls and always take several trips to the convenience store whenever I’m in Japan to try their latest flavor.

What is Omusubi?

Traditional omusubi is made with white rice and comes with a filling in the center such as pickled plum, salmon, bonito flakes, kombu or pickles. It’s then wrapped in nori and served in the shape of a triangle or cylinder.

Key Ingredients:

Cooked Japanese Rice Solid White Albacore Bonito Flakes Nori


Mix tuna, bonito flakes, sesame seeds, scallions and shredded nori to the rice. Slowly create a triangular shape by pressing the mixture from side to side.



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