The Best Tamagoyaki – Japanese Omelette

Tamagoyaki is both sweet and savory; somewhere between a classic omelette and an egg custard. Every Japanese rolled omelette is different – I’ve tasted some that are very sweet and some that are barely sweet. I personally prefer more savory than sweet so my recipe doesn’t use a lot of sugar; feel free to adjust the taste to your own liking.

What is Tamagoyaki?

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き), which means grilled egg, is a traditional Japanese omelette made by rolling several thin layers of cooked eggs, one of top of the other, and shaped into a rectangle.

Key Ingredients:

Eggs Soy Sauce Mirin Dashi


Whisk the eggs and strain. Cook in a tamagoyaki pan. When the layer starts to set, roll it toward the end of the pan. Repeat this action until all the egg mixture has been used. Cut and drizzle with soy sauce.






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