The Best Miso Soup (みそ汁)

My mother made the most delicious homemade miso soup. Although it isn't what you are used to seeing in restaurants, it is another popular version of the dish served in Japan. Onions, dashi, and miso paste make up this miso soup. The soup has a sweet fragrance called Amami, which gives it a mild yet deep flavor.

What is Miso Soup?

Miso soup (味噌汁) is a traditional Japanese soup made with dashi, miso paste, and various ingredients depending on regional and seasonal recipes. In the US, miso soup is usually served with a salad as an appetizer, but in Japan, it's generally served with rice as part of the main course.

Key Ingredients:

Onion Dashi Granules Miso Paste Ichimi Togarashi


Add onions, dashi, and water to a pot and boil. Lower heat and cook until onions are tender. Put miso paste in strainer and lower into pot until it's covered in water. Using chopsticks, swirl until dissolved.





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