Sweet and Sour Tofu (Vegan)

Looking for a new tofu recipe? Using these simple ingredients, this is how to make tofu taste good! Toss crispy tofu cubes with bell peppers in a sweet and sour sauce and serve with a side of steamed white rice in a small (or large) bowl.

How To Make Tofu Crispy

Sweet and sour tofu takes less than 20 minutes to make and hits the spot if you are craving sweet and gooey American Chinese food. As you know, I love using the dust and quick fry method with tofu because it gives it a nice, crispy texture while keeping the tofu cubes moist and silky on the inside.


Medium Firm Tofu Bell Pepper Vegetable Oil Cornstarch Brown Sugar Ketchup Soy Sauce Rice Vinegar


Make all ingredients for sauce. Drain tofu and slice into one inch cubes. Dust with cornstarch. Fry cubes until crispy. Add bell pepper until soft. Pour in sauce. Plate and enjoy!





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