Japanese Mayo

When people refer to Japanese mayo they are talking about one specific brand of mayonnaise – Kewpie Mayo. The mayonnaise is sold in a soft clear plastic bottle with a red squeeze cap and has a kewpie doll as a logo.

What is Japanese Mayo?

Kewpie mayo is sweet and fruity, has a hint of umami and an assertive eggy taste. It’s a less sweet version of Miracle Whip and has a richer flavor than the original Spanish mayonnaise. It’s light yellow in color and the consistency is thicker than regular mayo.


Eggs Dashi Powder Dijon Mustard Vinegar Sugar Salt Grapeseed Oil


Put all the ingredients, except for the grapeseed oil, in a food processor and mix well until dissolved. Slowly add the oil while continuously mixing until the oil has emulsified. Transfer the Japanese Mayo to a storage container, and refrigerate it.




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