How to Make Mochi in a Microwave

What is mochi?

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of Japonica glutinous rice, called mochigome (糯米), that’s been cooked and pounded into a sticky paste. Once pounded, the rice is molded into a ball, rectangle, or other shape. The texture is chewy and the flavor slightly sweet.

Where to Buy Mochi

If you don’t feel like making mochi from scratch but crave the chewiness (I’ve been there many times!), you can buy mochi in most Asian supermarkets and Japanese grocery stores.


Mochigome Rice Potato Starch Water


Place the mochigome rice in a bowl and add the water. Let sit for 90 minutes. Blend rice until miky. Microwave in intervals. Work the mixture and shape into a ball.




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