Hiyayakko – Chilled Tofu with Toppings (冷奴)

Since hiyayakko is all about the tofu, I recommend visiting a Japanese grocery store to look for a high quality silken or extra soft tofu. They have a bigger selection of tofu to choose from, plus, they can help you with choosing the best one.

What is Hiyayakko?

Hiyayakko is a Japanese cold tofu dish that is served with various toppings. The word hiya means cold, and yakko were the servants of samurai. Those servants wore vests with crests called kuginuki-mon, with patterns that were square shaped. From there came the expression of cutting something into yakko.

Key Ingredients:

Tofu Scallions Ginger Bonito Flakes Soy Sauce


Start by draining tofu and leave on a plate to let some of the excess water out. Slice tofu into four equal blocks and place each in a small shallow bowl. Top with favorite toppings, adding bonito flakes last. Drizzle soy sauce or ponzu sauce and serve.





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