Easy Asian Slaw

Taking 30 minutes of me time for lunch allows me to power up – and reset my intentions for the afternoon to come. And it was during one of these restorative lunch breaks that I started fooling around with this crunchy, tart, savory and sweet Asian slaw recipe.

What is Asian Slaw?

A slaw is kind of an all-purpose term for a salad that is a mash up of complimentary ingredients.  Now, as the name would have you believe, the cabbage and carrots in this recipe are shredded like a traditional cole slaw mix. This helps the Asian salad dressing penetrate all reaches of this colorful salad.

Key Ingredients:

Cabbage Carrot Red Bell Pepper Scallions


Make your dressing for your slaw. Mix the vegetables. Pour the dressing over the vegetables. Top your slaw with mandarin oranges and wonton strips and enjoy!





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