Cheesy Spinach and Sriracha Pinwheels

This isn’t your classic cream cheese pinwheels recipe. These pinwheels are lighter and flakier than the classic recipe because I’m using puff pastry instead of flour tortillas. I can see them being sold in a bakery in Japan or France, displayed between a row of croissants and spinach puff pastry rolls.

What are Cheesy Spinach and Sriracha Pinwheels?

They are flaky, buttery, cheesy, and a little spicy. It’s a very simple recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to prep, that anyone can make at home. It’s a fun party appetizer that looks beautiful served in a basket covered with a kitchen towel like they just came out of the oven.

Key Ingredients:

Puff Pastry Sriracha Sauce Baby Spinach Grated Cheese


Place the puff pastry sheet in the center of the plastic wrap gently flatten. Add sriracha sauce and spread it. Leave half and inch bare around the edges. Top with cheese and shredded spinach. Refrigerate. Bake in the oven until the cheese is bubbling and the pinwheels are a golden color. Let them cool before serving and enjoy.





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