Buckwheat Soba Noodle Salad with Ginger Miso Dressing

This is a light and cleansing buckwheat soba noodle salad recipe with a refreshing ginger miso dressing. Topped with colorful ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber, and mandarin oranges, this is a wholesome and delicious meal that only takes 15 minutes to make.

What Are Soba Noodles?

Soba noodles (そば or 蕎麦) are Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour. Most soba noodles are a combination of wheat and buckwheat. The reason why wheat flour is often added is to help the dough bind since buckwheat is naturally gluten-free.

Key Ingredients:

Soba Noodles Cucumber Tomatoes Oranges


Start by making the dressing by whisking all of the ingredients in a bowl or salad dressing shaker. Set aside. Cook Soba noodles as per packaging instructions. Divide the soba noodles among to serving dishes and top with the sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, segmented orange slices, and cilantro. Whisk or shake the dressing and pour it over the soba noodle salad. Toss well before eating.






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