Bacon Wrapped Asparagus With Honey Miso Glaze

Smoky, salty & umami bacon wrapped asparagus only take 25 minutes to prepare, and makes the best and tastiest party snack your family and friends will love!

What is a Bacon Wrapped Asparagus With Honey Miso Glaze?

Bacon wrapped asparagus are very popular in Japan (called aspara bacon -アスパラ ベ-コン) where they are most commonly served in pubs or yakitori bars as appetizers. Their recipe is even more simple: bacon and asparagus.

Key Ingredients:

Bacon Asparagus Sake Miso


Mix all the ingredients for the miso glaze. Grab 5 asparagus stalks and brush miso glaze. Wrap one slice of bacon around all 5 asparagus tightly. Roast in the oven.





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