Shun Kanso 8” Chef’s Knife Giveaway

My cousin Miki was the first to point out the knife. I was seven years old and we were at the counter of a small sushi restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan watching the sushi master deftly slicing off thin strips of velvety otoro with a long blade that, in retrospect, looked like a movie prop from Tarantino’s Kill Bill. I was enthralled. There was a grace and proficiency to the sushi master’s movements that seemed, to my young eyes, to border on insanely dangerous. But he managed that blade with simple eloquence, his precise cuts separating the exact amount of fish without ever causing his guide-hand the grievous bodily harm he seemed so close to. And that knife itself looked like a masterpiece, likely crafted and honed by a skilled Japanese craftsman of steel. Through the years I have never forgotten the mixture of awe and trepidation I felt while watching our meal being prepared. Now, my own kitchen cutting needs have never required a sushi cutting katana like that. I’m more of a veggies-on-cutting-board kind of chef. But I have always longed for a chef’s knife that embodied aesthetic perfection while delivering no-nonsense precision – and that desire was surely spawned from having lunch with my cool cousin in the 1980’s in a no-name sushi shop in Japan.

I’m super excited to be partnering up with my friends at Shun who are offering my readers (hey, that’s you!) the opportunity to win a Japanese chef’s knife that not only looks absolutely stunning – but has been crafted with a design and manufacturing philosophy geared to perfectly handle your kitchen cutting needs. You’ll look and feel like a master chef with this one!

One (1) winner will receive one (1) Shun Kanso 8” Chef’s Knife with a suggested retail value of $130


Kanso is a design principle influenced by Zen philosophy. It means ‘simplicity,’ but simplicity achieved by eliminating the non-essential. When the Shun Kanso was created, the focus was on including only what is most indispensable in a fine cutting instrument: high-performance steel, razor-sharp edge, perfect balance and precision cutting control. The Japanese AUS10A Blade is a refined, high-carbon vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp 16o-angled edge and holds it longer – while sporting a heritage finish that hides scratches and provides a rustic look that only improves with age. Perfect your chef’s grip with the angled handle made of Tagayasan wood, known as iron sword wood, praised for its denseness, durability and simple beauty. Full-tang construction provides unsurpassed cutting balance and strength. We like!

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Disclosure: We did not receive any monetary compensation from Shun for this post. However we were sent promotional samples to try out.

Please note: Shun will be shipping the winner this giveaway item directly.

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