Ramen is one of Japan’s most famous exports.

With its stretchy toothsome noodles, fragrant broth, and tasty toppings, it’s the perfect late night snack that can be made in minutes, or the most unforgettable bowl of noodle soup you’ve ever tasted.

Nowadays, you can easily find ramen shops anywhere around the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, and even in the most remote cities across America. It’s quickly becoming the world’s favorite noodle soup dish next to the famous Vietnamese pho.

In this ramen guide I’m going to cover:

what is ramen

What is ramen?

This is where I suggest you get started.

In this section you will learn about the history of ramen, how it made its way to Japan (that’s right – ramen isn’t a Japanese invention!), and why it has become such a popular dish.

You will also find audio files of how to pronounce ramen in both English and Japanese.

For ramen lovers, I’ve added two must-see attractions if you happen to be in the Tokyo region or are planning a trip to Japan.


ramen broth

Ramen broth

Broth is the base of a good bowl of ramen. Make it too strong or too weak and the rest of the dish will suffer.

In this section I share the most popular broth flavors and the basic ingredients needed to make them.

When it comes to variety, ramen is one of those dishes that doesn’t disappoint! There are hundreds of different ways to prepare ramen broth, the recipes each shop or stall offers is unique, but there are basic flavors everyone seems to enjoy.


ramen noodles

Ramen noodles

Do you like them thin, thick, soft, or al dente?

Good noodles are another integral part of what makes ramen so delicious. What you may not know is that every ramen chef has a reason behind why they use a specific type of noodles to pair with a specific broth.

If you find thin noodles in your bowl of ramen, it’s not by accident! It means the chef has tried and tested a variety of noodles and chose the thin ones because they held best against the type of broth he/she is using.

In this section I share the most popular types of noodles used for ramen, their composition, and what type of broth they pair best with.


ramen toppings

Ramen Toppings

Ramen toppings are the fun part of the dish!

They are the accessories to the bowl that add an extra layer of deliciousness. They add color, texture, and character, to an otherwise bland bowl of noodles.

Famous toppings like charsiu pork or ramen eggs are so good on their own that many people order an extra serving to have as a side.

In this section I list the most popular ramen toppings and what ramen flavor they pair well with.


ramen side dishes

Essential Ramen Side Dishes

A comforting bowl of ramen is hard to beat but did you know that ordering the right side dishes can elevate your meal to brand new heights? Every ramen shop comes with a selection of sides to pair with their ramen to make the dining experience more fun and even more delicious.

While America likes to serve an extensive menu with plenty side options, Japan prefers to stick to a small number of classics sides, so as not to distract the patrons from the main event of their meal – ramen.

In this section I share essential ramen side dishes and explain why they pair so well.


easy ramen recipes

Easy ramen recipes you can make a home

Lastly, I share some of my favorite ramen recipes and show the basics of how to make ramen at home.

I’ve also included a list of ramen toppings and side dishes so you can enjoy the full ramen experience.

Feel free to jump to any section you’d like and leave a comment below if you have any questions!


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