The Pickled Plum app is here!

Cook Your Healthier Heart Out with THE NEW Pickled Plum App!

It's Finally Here!

After months of hard work, I am proud to introduce you to the Pickled Plum app! You will find over 100 of the most popular recipes from the blog along with many other cool features. The recipes are streamlined and come with vibrant images and voice command recorded by yours truly. With the help from the tech savvy people at Sidechef, I was able to create an app that's intuitive and easy to use, whether you are a computer genius or just got your first smart phone. 

We have so many filters to choose from, making your search for the perfect meal EASY!

Sort recipes by cuisines, diets, ingredients, trends, cooking time and dish types. 

Scroll down to look at all the awesome features available on the app. We will be adding more recipes on a regular basis along with some exclusive content. Stay tuned!


  • Voice command option for every recipe so you can listen to the instructions while your hands do the work. 
  • Stunning food photography with step-by-step images.
  • For people outside of the US - switch to metrics measurements with just a click. 
  • Adjustable serving sizes are available and will automatically adjust the ingredient amounts listed in each recipe.  
  • Browse recipes through multiple filters to quickly and easily find the dish you want to make. 
  • Email yourself recipe ingredients straight from the app so you can do your groceries with confidence later.
  • Save your favorite recipes in the “Cookbooks” section.
  • Once the dish is made, you can add tags like Cheap & Tasty, Lean & Green and Impress Your Guests for future reference.
  • Eliminate the frustrations of website scrolling and waiting when trying to follow a recipe online.  
  • Snap a photo of your finished dish and add it to your file for future reference.

Watch The App In Action!

Cooking in the kitchen just got easier! 

Hands full of batter? 

Turn on the voice command and I will guide you through the recipe. Or seamlessly follow the recipe through images with a quick swipe!


All the help you need in the kitchen so you can relax and enjoy cooking!


Prefer metric units? Auto-convert all measurements in your settings panel.


Cooking for 2 or cooking for 12? Auto-adjust ingredient amounts based on number of servings.


Find a recipe you want to make today? Simply email the ingredients to yourself or a friend for quick access at the grocery store.


The app will be regularly updated with more recipes and exclusive content.


Save your favorite recipes in custom "cookbooks" for easy access and organization.


Access how-to technique videos right in the instructions.


Upload your own photos and comments for other users to see.

The app is oven fresh and ready for you to dig in. Get it today!